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About CampFireManager

CampFireManager - Conference Talk Scheduling, made easy!

We have a demo of the CampFireManager over here:

Welcome to the website about CampFireManager

CampFireManager is a talk scheduling tool for conferences - such as barcamps or fixed schedule conferences. In it's usual deployment, it sorts talks into rooms, based on the number of attendees attending a talk. Shortly before each talk is due to start, the location of each talk is locked, and that location is broadcast, both to Twitter and Plugins are planned (and in some cases, have worked in the past!) to also broadcast that content over SMS (using Gammu), IRC and XMPP. As part of the association with, talks are encouraged to be voted upon to give feedback on the event to presenters and organisers.

CampFireManager is on it's fourth iteration. We currently recommend CFM2.

If you want to talk to someone about this project, either contact the project lead directly or join the mailing list.